Crystal Ball and Tea Leaves

I’m lookin’ in my crystal ball right now & reading the tea leaves – how’s that for a mixed metaphor?

Anyway, the Eagles are down 23-21 with 7:59 remaining in the fourth quarter when Nick Foles steps on the field for what could be the Eagles last drive of the season. Maybe even his last appearance as an Eagle.

A couple runs and a couple incompletes. Now a completion here, a completion there, & the Eagles take the lead. Can’t tell if they score a TD or kick a field goal. Either way, Nicky Football leaves the field with the Eagles holding the lead.

In comes Drew Brees with just 4:44 left. Just like he did four years ago in the Wildcard Round. Remember? After Foles hit Zach Ertz with a 3-yard TD pass & Alex Henery kicked the PAT to give the Eagles the lead. But that day, the Eagles D couldn’t stop the Saints. Brees led the Saints to the game-winning 26-24 field goal & ran out the clock at the same time.

The Saints were in and the Eagles were out.

But this year, the Eagles D stops Brees and the Saints. Not sure if it’s a fumble, interception, or they hold on downs. But the Eagles defense seals the victory.

Nicky comes in for three kneel-downs.

The game’s over, and off we go to the Super Bowl. And, oh yeah, we win that game, too.

Sweet revenge for the Eagles and sweeter revenge for Eagles fans.

Making it a touch more interesting, Brees and Foles both went to Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, but ten years apart. Brees held all the passing records until Nicky came along and broke them.

Yeah, I know the Eagles play the Falcons this week. But I see an Eagles win. Been listening to the “experts” on the NFL Channel & they all have the Saints winning easy. So does Vegas. And I hear the girl on the NFL Channel bolster her prediction by mentioning Foles bad performance against the Cowboys.

Yo, sweetheart, the Eagles placed no importance on winning that game and sat many regulars. Nicky played around a quarter and did throw a bad interception. But if Torrey Smith catches that perfect pass on the Eagles first drive, they go in to score & win the meaningless game.

Which reminds me, why is Smith still getting so much playing time?

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Written by Barry Bowe
Former sportswriter - first to put Timmy Duncan's name on the sports page.

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