Mandarin Oriental Hotel

If I’m running the U.S. Justice Department, right now, my agents are deployed inside and outside of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Maryland Avenue SW in Washington, D.C. I’m talking about a combined force of F.B.I, C.I.A., D.E.A., and A.T.F. agents.

16-george-sorosAnd when George Soros and his rich, subversive cronies get halfway thru their elegant dinners, we burst open the doors and make our arrival known.

“Gentlemen,” I announce, “sorry to interrupt your repast, but we have information that you may be involved in a conspiracy to subvert and overthrow the United States of America. You have the right to remain silent …”

After reading them their Miranda Rights, my agents transport these enemies of the State to a holding facility where they will be officially detained for as long as the law allows. And if I can find even the most minuscule tidbit of evidence to support probable cause, one of two things will happen:

  • I throw their asses in jail to await trial.
  • I deport their asses on a government jet.

But that would never happen with our current administration in charge. In my opinion, this administration has been in cahoots with these threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The ones at the top are puppets of puppet master Soros.

Too bad I’m not in charge of the Justice Department – or the goddam President of the United States. Because things would be a lot different, ladies and gentlemen. As I believe they will be in the eight years in front of us.

born to be wild imageBarry Bowe believes in Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Also the author of Born to Be Wild. Discounted right now. Get it while it lasts – the last of course tongue-in-cheek.

Written by Barry Bowe
Former sportswriter - first to put Timmy Duncan's name on the sports page.

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