Play Ball

First pitch is scheduled for 2:05 this afternoon at Camden Yards.

camden yards imageBut when they play ball today, it won’t be baseball as usual because there will be no spectators in the seats. But that’s better than the last two days when the games between the White Sox and Orioles were postponed because of civil unrest on the streets of Baltimore.

The header photo shoes looters cleaning out a CVS.

At the risk of being called a racist, I’d like you to profile the looters. I don;t see any white, Asian, or Hispanic looters. But you can come to your own conclusion. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how thugs and hoodlums cleaning out local merchants serves any purpose in any sort of legitimate civil issue.

I lived thru looting episodes on the island of St. Croix in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Those thugs were taking advantage of a natural disaster to rob and steal. We set up a barricade of vehicles around our condominium complex and stationed men armed with rifles and shotguns to stand guard around the clock. The scene reminded me of western movies where the pioneers circled the wagons to fend off Indian attacks.

I see the same thing in Baltimore – and I see the same thing every time similar incidents happen. Individuals too lazy to go out and earn their way in the world use the uproar as an excuse to legitimatize their illegal activities.

These “protesters” are fortunate I’m not one of the police officers or national guardsman pressed into duty. If I were, they’d get a dose of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s song “Ohio.”

baltimore riots image

Barry Bowe is the author of Born to Be Wild, 1964 – The Year the Phillies Blew the Pennant, and 12 Best Eagles QBs.

Written by Barry Bowe
Former sportswriter - first to put Timmy Duncan's name on the sports page.