Whatta Crocka Shit

Sorry, folks, but I can’t get over the nonsense about Cris Collinsworth displaying anti-Eagles bias during the Super Bowl. I’ve been listening to the hogwash for almost two weeks now. Several people sent me links to Chris Long calling out Collinsworth.

My initial response was that Eagles fans should be calling out Chris Long for his lack of performance during the Super Bowl:

  1. 1 tackle
  2. zero sacks

So I didn’t bother reading that link until just now. First off, it’s a perfect example of yellow journalism. I’ll save you the look-up:

Example #1

Here we have a picture of Chris Long right after the Super Bowl … still on the field … looks like he’s being interviewed … with the caption:

Eagles’ Chris Long calls out Cris Collinsworth while rewatching Super Bowl.

The caption is designed to lead the reader to “Eagles’ Chris Long calls out Cris Collinsworth” and to stop right there – the key: “Long calls out Cris Collinsworth” and arrive at the conclusion that Long is calling out Collinsworth right there & then. It’s hoped the reader won’t necessarily read or associate the “while rewatching Super Bowl” part.

As I said, I just read the article now – & here’s the moron’s comment:

“Ertz takes 17 steps” is what Long stated. There it is. He can’t take it back … 17 steps.

So I just pulled the recording & watched it for at least the 20th time. The way I count, Zack Ertz took two steps after catching the ball & diving into the end zone for the game-winning score.

So it’s easy to call Chris Long a moron. He doesn’t know the difference between 17 steps and 2 steps. Either that, or he prefers to grossly exaggerate the truth in an attempt to make his point. Notice I said “attempt to make his point” because there’s no way he can prove his foolish statement.

Long says Ertz took 17 steps – the truth is Ertz took 2 steps … Yellow Journalism … Fake News … pretty much one and the same. And that’s pretty much what the bulk of Eagles fans have been doing with Collinsworth. Plastering him with gross exaggerations. Go back & watch it with an open mind – if that’s possible – and count the pro’s & cons coming out of Collinsworth’s mouth.

A couple years back I paid a graphic artist to depict Riley Cooper being crucified – guess I’ll have to get her to put Collinsworth on a cross.

The only thing I learned from this is that Collinsworth doesn’t use an “H” in Cris.

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