Eagles Rookies Marcus & MJ

Spent a few minutes with two Eagles rookies on Sunday evening:

  • MJ McFarland – TE from Texas & Texas El Paso – 6-5, 255
  • Marcus Johnson – WR from Texas – 6-1, 204
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Marcus Johnson

Both were fine young men, down to earth and not full of themselves. But, I guess, as rookie free agents, that’s to be expected.

I asked them if they had any idea what they were getting into if they made the Eagles.

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MJ McFarland

The way they smiled – and paused – before answering told me they’d been prepped somewhat. But I wanted them to know for sure, so I told them:

If you make an honest effort and give it your all, Eagles fans will recognize that and take you to heart. But if you don’t put out – or quit – Eagles fans will recognize that in a heartbeat and the opposite will happen.

In the course of the conversation – since they were both receivers – I got around to asking about Carson Wentz. And for what it’s worth, both gave Wentz positive endorsements.

I’ll be rooting for both of these guys to make the team. They were very likable.

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